Practical Life

week-four-015 This is the link between home and classroom. The child’s progress towards independence is developed by the use of a variety of materials and activities. This helps them develop skills needed for more complex Montessori equipment. The Exercises of Practical Life are classified under the headings of Preliminary Exercises, Care of the Environment, Care of the Self, Grace and Courtesy and Movement.


013 The Sensorial materials allow the children to classify sensorial impressions in an organized, orderly and scientific manner. The Sensorial materials allow the child to make distinctions between similar and different things. This makes it possible for children to learn the names of abstract concept made concrete in each of these materials such as size, shape, colour, taste, texture, sound, temperature and weight.


060 Every opportunity is given to develop verbal language skills. The class environment and interaction between the children and adults stimulates conversation. As the children progress they are encouraged to develop phonetic and printing skills.


001 The Montessori maths program is perhaps our most exciting feature. The equipment enables children to progress at their own pace towards understanding numbers and mathematics. The materials are designed so it is easier for the child to bridge the gap from concrete to abstract.


week-9-term-2-2012-012 This aspect of the curriculum includes science, history and geography. This informs and enriches the child with many experiences.

Creative Arts


Music and Drama

We encourage children to participate in drama, music and singing to build confidence in public performance.


Art & Craft

We provide a wide range of art media to stimulate creative development.