Our Fee Structure


Our Two Year Olds
At Waikanae Montessori Preschool, our two year olds are charged fees. This is because they are not included in the ECE 20 Hours of ECE Education which begins at age 3.

Our fees are:

$18.00 per session or $36 per day

Our Three and Four Year Olds
We offer 20 ECE Hours. An optional charge is requested for the first 20 ECE hours of the week. The Optional Change is the one request that we make of our parents at Waikanae Montessori Preschool. It is a payment made to our preschool by parents that ensures we are able to maintain the educational experiences and incredible environments our tamariki enjoy daily. This charge helps us pay for our additional staff – our teachers assistants, above the regulated ratios, as well as contributes to our special Montessori character.

Optional Charge is $7.00 per session or $14 per day ($2.33 per hour) for their first 20 hours

Hours booked in for after 20 hours will be charged a fee at a discounted rate of $2.33 per hour.

Each family pays an annual subscription of $18 to the preschool. This covers the cost of newsletters, waiting lists, attending the preschool and being a friend of the society. This also entitles the member to vote on issues at the Annual General Meeting. There is also a non-refundable enrolment fee of $11.50 incl GST which is payable before your child’s name is put on the waiting list.

Work and Income Subsidies
WINZ childcare subsidies can be applied for to help with childcare costs. If you have a WINZ subsidy you are still responsible to ensure that your account is paid weekly at all times and any part not covered by the subsidy. It is your responsibility to let Work and Income know of any changes to circumstances or your child’s attendance. It is also your responsibility to inform Work and Income of any benefits you have through the 20 hours ECE scheme. Click here for further information on the WINZ website